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SEI is Carrier
United States To United States : 0.9 ¢ /min
$10 = 1111 MINUTES; $20 = 2222 MINUTES
Denomination Availability Quantity  
$ 10   In-Stock 1 Add to Cart
$ 20   In-Stock 1 Add to Cart
$ 50   In-Stock 1 Add to Cart
Rechargeable  Click to Learn More ............ YES
Connection Fee ............. No Connection Fee
Billing Increment .......... 1 minute
Maintenance Fee ........... $0.99 1
Communication Fees ..... None
Payphone Surcharge ...... $0.99
Expiration ...................
Has Local Access  Click to Learn More ...... YES  (View List)
Works from Alaska ....... No
Works from Hawaii ....... YES
Works from Canada ...... YES
1 - Billed atWeekly* Rates to Cell Phones are higher than advertised landline rates, due to different cell carriers

Calling instructions for SIMPLE CALLS
  1. Dial ANY Local or Toll-Free access number. (View a full list here)
    When using the toll-free access number 2¢ / min will be added to the call.
  2. At the prompt, enter your PIN number, or skip this step with Pinless Dialing.
    To setup pinless dialing, log into your account and click "Manage" next to the card you would like to enable. Next, click on the "Pinless Dialing" tab, and follow the instructions.
  3. Dial your destination number, or use Speed Dial (see below)

    • Using Speed Dial
      Just dial "Speed Dial Number" then "#" instead. For example: To dial your entry in number 3, just press 3#. Our system will automatically dial the stored number for you ! (You must first setup speed dial numbers in your "My Account.")

      Always enter destination numbers as if you were dialing from USA

    • For Calls within or to USA, Canada or Caribbean
      Dial the 1 + area code + phone number
      Example: 1 + 312 + 555 + 1212

    • For International Calls
      Dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number
      Example: 011 + 91 + 55 + 8888888

Speed Dial
Auto Recharge

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this card call other countries?
A: Yes. This card can call other countries but other cards may have better rates for different regions.
Q: Must I use entire card on one call?
A: No. Use this card as many times until the balance is depleted.

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