How do I use my calling card?
Each calling card has an toll-free 800 number, or local access number(s), provided for your access. We also provide a "PIN" as well. Just dial the access number, enter your "PIN" number, then you'll be prompted to enter the phone number that you're calling. It's that simple!

Here are some more detailed instructions:

1. Dial Toll Free access number, or local access number(sent via email)
2. At the prompt, enter your PIN number (sent via email)
3. Dial your destination number (see below)

For Calls within or to USA, Canada or Caribbean
Dial the 1 + area code + phone number
Example: 1 + 312 + 555 + 1212

For International Calls
Dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number
Example: 011 + 91 + 55 + 8888888

4. To place another call, do not hang up. Press # (pound key) for 2 seconds, then repeat step 3.

Say Good-bye to PIN Numbers!

With the free Pinless dialing feature, you can skip entering your pin number when dialing from up to six phone lines (ie. home, work, and cellular)

We Email Your
Calling Card
& Pin Number