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Do you want a refund?

You can only receive a refund if your card balance is FULL.
You can only receive a refund if the calling card has a full balance and the purchase, indentified by order id (ORD #) was made in the past 90 days. All credits are posted back to the payment method used for the purchase.

Please read below to find answers to frequently asked refund questions.

1. Did you place 1 order but received multiple pins, and would like credit on the extra pins?

2. Do you want to return a pin that has not been used?

3. Did you try to make a call and did not connect, but lost minutes?

4. After dialing destination number, is the pin announcing a different number of minutes than advertised?

5. Did you place a call and connect, but the quality was poor?

6. The toll free number is not working?

7. Did not receive a pin and your credit card has been charged?

8. Have you been double charged for one transaction?

If you still have questions, please fill in the contact form below for customer support

** You can only receive a refund if your card balance is FULL

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